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Framingham Baseball

Spring Season Information

2024 Spring Program Overview:

Framingham Baseball (FB) offers 6 different divisions of play for boys and girls ages 5 through 17 during the spring season.

Look below to find the division associated with each level based on birth day.  The ages used to determine the league is their “baseball age”, defined by Little League Baseball.

Division Name

Player Birthday

Baseball Age

General Purpose


Field Size



Sept 2017 – Aug 2019

5, 6



Batting T


(60’ bases)

Instructional, kids get used to baseball basics without scorekeeping at games


Sept 2015 – Aug 2017

7, 8





(60’ bases)

Instructional, kids get familiar to live pitching from other players and coaches without scorekeeping at games.

 AAASept 2012 – Aug 2015 9, 10, 11Developmental with Competition Player Small

(60’ bases)

Developmental teaching kids to play an "official" game with age appropriate rules on a small diamond with scorekeeping, playoffs and a division champion.


Sept 2011 – Aug 2014

10, 11, 12

Developmental with Competition



(60’ bases)

Developmental teaching kids to play an "official" game with age appropriate rules on a small diamond with scorekeeping, playoffs and a division champion.

Ted Williams

Sept 2009 – Aug 2011

13, 14

Developmental with Competition



(90’ bases)

Developmental introducing players to the large fields and more advanced rules to help the transition to the large diamond. Games have scorekeeping, playoffs and a division champion.

Babe Ruth

Aug 2009 and earlier





(90’ bases)

Competitive baseball division played on a large baseball diamond with most major league baseball rules enforced.

* Some players may play in divisions above or below their designated age division.  This is determined based primarily based on player safety, as well as player ability and available team positions in each division.


Spring Season Duration:
The spring program typically runs from the last week of April until early or mid June, depending on weather and playoffs.


Game/Practice Schedule:
Class A league teams typically have practices and games on Friday evenings from 5:45-7:45, and Saturday mornings between 9am and early afternoon.

Class AA league teams play twice a week between Monday and Thursday from 5:45-7:45.  An additional time each week may be scheduled for practices based on field availability.

Higher level teams typically play 2-3 games a week with practices as fields are available.  Majors and AAA play games Monday through Saturday.  Majors and AAA have at least one practice, typically scheduled on Sundays.

Team Placement:
Rosters are typically constructed around mid-April with practices (weather and field conditions permitting) starting around the end of April. 

* You will be contacted by your coach after teams are constructed, typically the third week of April.

Rookie and A League leagues allow for more flexibility in team construction, and efforts are made to group players based on the school they are attending.  It is typically easier to accommodate specific teammate requests at these levels.

High level leagues become increasingly more competitive, and a draft system is in place to attempt to achieve as much of a competitive balance as possible for AAA, Major, Ted Williams and Babe Ruth divisions.  Because of this, teammate and team requests are increasing difficult as player ages advance.  Coaches may take into consideration friend requests when drafting, but no guarantee is given, and rosters will not be changed after the draft.


Player Equipment Needs:
The FBL will provide shirts and hats for all players for the 2024 season.

Your player will need to bring their own glove. 

Baseball pants and cleats are recommended for lower leagues (Rookie and A levels), though not necessary.  Pants (grey or white) and cleats are required for higher level leagues (AAA/Majors/Ted Wiliams/Babe Ruth).

Personal bats, helmets and batting gloves are optional, but recommended if possible.

* Boys who wish to catch must wear a cup.  A cup is recommended for other positions as well at high league levels.



Class A and AA level players do not participate in a pre-season player evaluation.

In order to balance the team skill level on higher division teams, the FBL makes every effort to evaluate each player entering the AAA, Majors,  and Babe Ruth divisions.  Every player will be able to play despite performance, these evaluations are used for division and team placement.  If your player was unable to attend the fall tryouts check back regularly for a spring evaluation session.  If no session is scheduled, we will still place your player on a team.


General Programs FAQ

Q: I registered my son/daughter many months ago and have not heard anything. How do I know we are successfully registered and on a team?
Q: I just registered my son/daughter last week, when will I know if we are on a team?
A: If your check has been cashed OR your credit card has been debited – you can safely assume that your son/daughter has been registered. As the registrar compiles the registrants and the commissioners allocate players to teams, we can address any concerns like this on an individual basis by email or phone after the start of April. Typically, commissioners do not receive updated registration lists until the first week in April.


Q: How do I register?
A: Instructions for registering can be found here:

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