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Framingham Baseball

General Rules

1.       League Administration

1.1. Rules

1.1.1. All games to be played by the Cal Ripken/Babe Ruth rule book unless clarified in either the league administration rules, or the specific rules adopted for a league by Framingham Baseball.

1.2. Managers/Coaches Responsibilities

1.2.1. Administrative Duties                  The head coach is a representative of the league and a bridge between the league and the parents and players on a team.                  Each head coach must identify their official assistant coaches to the league.  The assistant coaches may perform the head coach’s duties in his absence.                  Each head coach should identify a scorekeeper for leagues that keep scores, batting order, etc.                  For Prep coaches, keep accurate records (both hitting and pitching) of each player so that final statistics can be assembled for each team at the end of the regular season. All managers will be required to submit these statistics. These statistics are used in place of fall evaluations for incoming Babe Ruth players.                  Conduct practice sessions.                  Participate in non-field duties such as fund-raising events, meetings, and assigned committee activities.  These include managing raffle tickets and handling picture day.                  Managers are responsible for all uniforms and equipment issued to them.  In addition, managers are responsible for the collection and safe return of all equipment at the required time.                  Uniforms are the property of the Framingham Baseball League and are loaned to the players for such period as the league may determine.  All players must return the uniforms at the end of their season or at a time determined by the league commissioner.  If a uniform is not returned the player may be prevented from playing in Framingham Baseball League until the uniform is returned or the league has been reimbursed.                  For all Games at Long Field, the visiting team (1st base side) has responsibility to provide coverage for the snack shack and turning on and off the lights when needed.               All AA/AAA/Major League coaches are responsible for providing coverage for the snack shack on the league determined schedule.

1.2.2. Game Duties                  Be present at the field with equipment in sufficient time to prepare field and start games.  This includes raking and lining the fields with foul lines and batter’s boxes.                  Exchange lineups before scheduled time of game.                  Insure that each and every player on his team meets all required playing time rules.                  Responsible for the decorum of his players and coaches at all games.                  Responsible for the behavior of all players on his team.                  Responsible for supporting the umpire, particularly in confrontations or abuse by spectators.                  Managers are responsible for ensuring that parents, relatives and friends keep proper decorum.                  Responsible for knowing and abiding by league rules and the Official Baseball Rules as presented in the Babe Ruth rulebook.                  For AAA and above, the winning team manager must post the winning score and pitchers innings on the web site within 24 hours of the games conclusion.               Willful neglect to conform to policy will result in warning.                Credit for the win will not be awarded for failures after the warning.               In emergency, computer failure or site failure, phone league commissioner within 24 hours. Please no calls after 10:00 PM               Turn off lights after last game at any lighted field.               Rake and repair holes around the base areas, pitchers mound, and home plate area.               Each team is allocated 15 minutes for infield practice.  The visiting team has the field from 30 minutes before game time until 15 minutes before game time.  The home team has the field from 15 minutes before game time until game time.  If the field is not available 30 minutes before game time, the team’s split the available time at the discretion of the umpire.



1.3. Field Decorum

1.3.1. The actions of managers, coaches, players, and league officials must be beyond reproach at all times.

1.3.2. Profanity will NOT be tolerated by any manager, coach, spectator, or player towards another manager, coach, umpire or any other person.

1.3.3. The throwing of bats or helmets will NOT be tolerated.

1.3.4. Players shall not question an umpire’s decision, however, a designated individual (manager or coach) has the right to discuss a call or play in a diplomatic manner. Repeated arguing on the part of this designated individual will NOT be tolerated by the umpire.

1.3.5. There will be only one designated spokesperson per team during a game. This individual will be the only person allowed to discuss non-ball or strike calls with an umpire. Should any other individual from a team protest a call, the umpire will call time out and issue either a verbal warning on may elect to eject the individual, depending on the severity of the protest. A second verbal warning to the same individual is an automatic ejection.

1.3.6. Any individual ejected by the umpire from a game MUST leave the field immediately. Continued arguing and/or failure to leave the field will result in additional disciplinary action by the Conduct/Appeal Committee.

1.3.7. The minimum disciplinary action associated with ejection is as follows:

Ejection from 1 game:          Next game suspension

Ejection from 2 games:        One week suspension

Ejection from 3 games:        Automatic expulsion from the League

1.3.8. Certain serious offenses, such as assault and/or battery of an umpire, player, or coach (this covers, but is not limited to hitting, kicking, spitting, throwing objects toward, etc.) will be subject to a meeting between offender, offended and president (or Vice President of Baseball Operations) and Umpire-In-Chief to determine the length of suspension. This meeting will be held as soon as possible, but a one game suspension is automatic with this type of offense.

1.3.9. The purpose of this rule is to ensure that baseball remains a fun game for the kids. The League owes it to the kids to remove any individual who deprives them of having fun by repeatedly arguing with an umpire.



1.4. Spectators

1.4.1. No coach, spectator or player shall ridicule or criticize any other player at any time.  Coaches are responsible for the actions of parents and spectators associated with their team.

1.4.2. The backstop area will be kept free of spectators. If an umpire needs assistance in enforcing this rule, the managers will aid him/her.

1.4.3. The umpire may remove spectators or call a forfeit if proper decorum is not maintained.

1.5. Game Management

1.5.1. Tie Games                  When a tie game is resumed, it begins as if the game had continued, i.e. same count on batter, same number of outs, etc. Should the same batter be unable to attend the game, the two managers should come to an agreement on a fair and equitable solution. If a solution cannot be found in order to complete the game, the umpire will render a final decision.

1.5.2. No Umpires                  In the event a game is ready to begin and no umpire has arrived, wait 15 minutes after game time, and if possible, contact the appropriate Chief Umpire. If all else fails, volunteer(s) may umpire so long as BOTH MANAGERS are in agreement. If an agreement cannot be reached, then a practice game may be played and the game can be rescheduled through the commissioner. Managers should notify the Chief Umpire of the problem.

1.5.3. Game Baseballs                  The HOME TEAM is responsible for providing the umpire with 2 new baseballs (for 60’ diamond games) or 3 new baseballs (for 90’ diamond games) at the start of each game, and more if needed. The HOME TEAM manager should then be given these balls back at the end of the game.

1.5.4. Protesting Games                  The official rules 4.19 stands.  The umpire should be notified that the game is being played under protest and asked to sign the team’s scorebook at the time the “alleged” violation occurred.  The protesting manager must then submit his protest in writing to the League Vice President WITHIN 24 hours after the game.  Failure to follow this procedure will render the point null and void.  The League Vice President will decide all protests.

1.5.5. Rain Out Procedure                  Raining Hard - The Chief Umpire will call each manager at least 1 hour before the game to notify them that the game has been canceled. The managers will then notify their players, and the Home Team manager will contact the commissioner to reschedule the game WITHIN 48 Hours, per POSTPONED GAME RULE.

NOTE: If there is a question over who has priority over a field, any makeup game will take priority over a team using the field for practice and the Commissioners or Vice President of Baseball Operations will make the necessary changes.

If cancellation is questionable, all managers/coaches and players should go to the fields. After discussing the situation with both managers, the final decision as to whether a game should/should not be played because of the rain and/or field condition rests with the umpire(s). The major consideration should be one of a safety factor to the players. Should the game NOT be played, the home team manager is responsible for rescheduling the game through the commissioner.

Managers and coaches should arrive early to prepare the fields for play including bringing a broom or rake to get rid of puddles.

1.5.6. Making up Postponed Games                  All Postponed Games (Weather/Tie Game/No Umpire) must be made up on the first non-conflicting date mutually agreed upon by both managers.  All game arrangements are to be made with the commissioner.

1.5.7. Scorebook                  The scorebook of the Home Team is the official scorebook.  However books should be maintained by BOTH teams and reconciled periodically.  Teams are responsible for score, batting order and substitutions.  If there is a question on scoring, the managers should attempt to resolve it themselves.  Failing this, the umpire should be advised of the problem and decide the issue.

1.5.8. Protective Gear                  For A league and above, all catchers must use a catcher’s mitt (waived in AAA and below for Left handed catchers). All catchers (male) must wear a protective cup. It is recommended that all male players wear a cup at A league and above.

1.5.9. Outside League Games                  No outside league games will be played without the prior approval of the Commissioner, President and Vice President of Operations.

1.6. Suspensions and Discipline

1.6.1. General                  A breach of the rules deemed serious enough by the Board of Directors or on a continual breaching, of the rules may result in the suspension or dismissal of a manger, coach or player.

1.6.2. Process                  The Umpire will submit a report in writing, via the Umpire-In-Chief, stating the situation and actions leading to the ejection.                  The Umpire will present a written report of the ejection to the Umpire-In-Chief within 48 hours.                  The league commissioner, at his/her discretion may then take additional disciplinary action as the situation warrants, or if necessary or required, call for Disciplinary Committee meeting within 72 hours of the infraction.

1.6.3. Appeal                  Pending an appeal in writing to the league President, the Vice President or the league commissioner; any manager, coach or player ejected from a game will receive an automatic one game suspension.

1.6.4. Hearing                  Prior to the suspension or dismissal, a hearing will be held before Disciplinary Committee.

EXCEPTION: No player will be allowed to appear before the Disciplinary Committee; the manager or parent will represent the player.                  Suspension or dismissal requires a majority vote of the Disciplinary Committee present at the meeting.

1.6.5. Specific causes for ejection from a game

The following are cause to be ejected from a game.  Ejections, however, are not limited to the below:


Throwing bats, helmets, debris, or exhibiting disrespect for the league officials, Umpires or property will be cause for immediate ejection from the game or a warning from the Umpire.  There will be only one warning per team.


The use of profane language or physical altercations involving the manager, coaches or players will be cause for immediate ejection from the game by the Umpire.


If a manager, coach or player is ejected a second or subsequent time during the season, the Disciplinary Committee will review the situation and take whatever action is necessary.


1.7. Forfeits

Forfeits are best avoided. Games should be won or lost on the field, not due to insufficient players. However, it is not right to penalize a team that had enough players just because the other did not. This is why we have a farm team assigned. IT IS THE RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL MANAGERS to ensure that you can field a legal team for each game.

The Vice President of Baseball Operations and commissioners shall have the authority to provide extensions of time in specific occasions resulting from extraneous schedule conflicts. Examples of this might be late arriving buses from school functions or players returning from other situations that cannot be rescheduled by Framingham Baseball.


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